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 2019/20 SEASON

The Addams Family
(Sep. 20 - Oct. 5)

The Boy From Oz
(Jan. 17 - Feb. 1)

(Mar. 20 - Apr. 4)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
(Jun. 12 - 27)
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The Boy From Oz

Music and Lyrics by PETER ALLEN
Original Production by BEN GANNON and ROBERT FOX

Directed by Conrad Belau
Musical Direction by Alixandra Cowman
Choreography by Alexa Elser

Audition Dates


Callbacks will take place on Sunday September 29th at 7 pm. Please note that this is later than is normally scheduled for FRC callbacks.

Audition Location

Auditions are held at the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre

375 Bermuda Dr NW, Calgary, AB (Click here for directions).

Audition Requirements

Members of Equity and ACTRA please note that as FRC produces shows on a volunteer, recreational basis, we will not pay any professional association fees, such as the fees stipulated by Equity's Amateur Guest Artist policy, under any circumstances whatsoever.

Auditioners are asked to prepare a monologue of their choice and one musical theatre song, 32-64 bar cut.

Songs must be performed with a track or accompanist that the auditioner brings with them (no acapella performances). A piano will be present in the room.

There will be a dance call every hour, so please stick around after your audition. We want to see what kind of abandonment and personal flair auditioners bring to some simple dance steps. It won’t be anything majorly technical or complicated, but wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to move and shake it!

**Children auditioning for Young Peter just need to prepare a song and be willing to stick around for the dance call.**

About the Show

When I get my name in LIGHTS

FRC is pleased to present the Canadian Premiere of The Boy From Oz, the most successful Australian musical ever and the first to make it to Broadway! The Boy From Oz is an exciting and riveting telling of the beautiful and tragic Peter Allen. From his humble origins in Tenterfield, Australia to his gigantic career in New York City, we follow Peter as he learns the ropes of fame and success and all the people who will help and hinder the journey. We are introduced to the variety of characters who helped shaped his voice, including Judy Garland and her daughter, Liza Minelli. The show features classic hits by Allen such as "I Go To Rio", "Bi-Coastal", "Everything Old Is New Again", and "Not the Boy Next Door". The Boy From Oz is a show for anyone who has chased their dreams, and have found themselves along the way. It celebrates Peter Allen's singular voice and persona in a musical about love, loss and looking fabulous during it all.

Run Dates:

January 17th - February 1st, 2020, Beddington Theatre Arts Centre

PLEASE NOTE: For the week prior to opening (beginning Sunday January 12th), please expect a rehearsal or other activity on each day.


Rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 7 and 10 pm and on Sundays between 1 and 6 pm at the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre.

** Exception - Because of the Thanksgiving holidays the Oct 13th rehearsal will run 10 am to 2 pm **

Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, October 6th.

There will be the possibility of adding extra rehearsals in November and having more rehearsals during the 2-week tech period starting Jan 5th, based off of availability.

Roles Available

We believe in equity and inclusion and strongly encourage submissions from all artists regardless of gender, age, race, size, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, and experience.

*For Liza, Judy and Peter; we are looking performers to capture their essence and not impersonations or caricatures. (we are also open to casting a young girl as Young Peter)

NameGenderVocal RangeAgeDescription
Peter Allen* M Tenor (C3-Bb4) 20's-40's Lead - A fearless superstar who is both grounded and energetic, in a world not quite ready for them.
Judy Garland* F Alto (Eb3-A4) 40’s and up Lead - Charismatic diva and superstar of the world.
Liza Minneli* F Mezzo-soprano (F3-C#5) 20’s-40’s Lead - Spunky daughter of Judy Garland and searching to make their mark in the show business in their mother’s shadow.
Marion Woolnough F Alto (E3-Bb4) 40’s and up Supporting - Salt of the earth mother of Peter Allen.
Greg Connell M Baritone (C3-D4) 20’s-40’s Supporting - Sexy cowboy and eventual lover of Peter Allen.
Boy (Young Peter) MF Unchanged voice (C#4-D5) 8-15 Featured - Ready to take on the world and claim their stage!
Dick Woolnough M Any Voice. 40’s and up Featured - Peter Allen’s alcoholic father.
Chris Bell M Baritone (C3-D4) 20’s-30’s Featured - Young song writer and member of the Allen Brothers.
Mark Herron M Tenor (E3-F4) 20’s and up Featured - Judy Garland’s escort.
Dee Anthony M Tenor/Baritone 30’s and up Featured - Peter Allen’s US agent.
Karen, Shena & Linelle F Sop/Sop/Alto 20’s-40’s Featured - A Trio of singers who are simply fabulous! SSA voicing.
George Woolnough M Any Voice 40's and up Featured - Peter Allen’s grandfather
Ensemble MF Various 16 and up An array of folks at the disco, hotel, HK Night Club, and Radio City Music Hall. Casting up to four people.

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September 22, 2019

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September 24, 2019

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September 26, 2019

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