2016/17 SEASON

Jekyll & Hyde
(Oct. 28 - Nov. 12)

Reefer Madness
(Jan. 6 - 21)

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
(Mar. 24 - Apr. 8)

Little Shop of Horrors
(Jun. 9 - 24)
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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Book by Music and Lyrics by
Based upon the book by SHEPHERD MEAD
Originally presented by CY FEUER and ERNEST H. MARTIN in Association with FRANK PRODUCTIONS.

Directed by Jamie Eastgaard-Ross
Musical Direction by Allie Higgins-Pompu
Choreography by Andrea Gleason

Audition Dates


If required, callbacks will be held on either Monday November 21st and/or Wednesday November 23rd from 7-10 PM. Confirmation of your availability will be requested at your audition. Please note that not all roles will require a callback.

Audition Location

Auditions are held at the Beddington Heights Community Arts Centre

375 Bermuda Dr NW, Calgary, AB (Click here for directions).

About the Show

As relevant as ever, this lasting favourite satirizes the big business culture of the 1960s that often persists today – fortunately for audiences, a foolproof handbook exists to help achieve success!

Let us assume you're young, healthy, clear-eyed and eager. Anxious to quickly and easily rise to the top of the business world. You can!

J. Pierrepont Finch is a window-washer with lots of dreams and some shady schemes, ready to make his ascent up the corporate ladder. Clever, calculating, and charismatic, Finch catapults himself from mailroom to boardroom, catching the eye of Rosemary Pilkington, an equally driven and opportunistic employee, on the way up. Slapstick gags, sharp wit, and show-stopping tunes come together in a musical extravaganza that cements this show’s place as a golden oldie.

How to avoid petty friends, how to begin making contacts, how to walk into a conference room with an idea, brilliant business idea that will make your expense account zoom! How to succeed!

Run Dates:

March 24th - April 8th, 2017, Beddington Heights Community Arts Centre

PLEASE NOTE: For the week prior to opening (beginning Sunday March 19th), please expect a rehearsal or other activity on each day.

Audition Requirements

Members of Equity and ACTRA please note that as FRC produces shows on a volunteer, recreational basis, we will not pay any professional association fees, such as the fees stipulated by Equity’s Amateur Guest Artist policy, under any circumstances whatsoever.

ALL AUDITIONERS are requested to prepare:
- a Comedic Monologue, MAXIMUM one minute in length
- ONE MINUTE of a Golden Age musical theatre song, demonstrating both range and character.***

ALL AUDITIONERS should be prepared to do a range check, if required.

ALL AUDITIONERS will be asked to stay for a GROUP DANCE AUDITION held once per hour. Where possible, women are requested to bring standard character shoes and men are requested to bring flat soled shoes. No runners please. Please wear clothing appropriate for a dance call.

*** PLEASE BRING A BACKING TRACK (iPod/MP3 player or CD) or accompanist. No accompanist will be provided, and no A Capella auditions please.

PLEASE BRING A PHOTO & RESUME (photo does not need to be a professional headshot).


Rehearsals will be held at Beddington Heights Community Arts Centre on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7-10 PM and Saturdays from 1-5 PM, starting with first read on Saturday December 3rd. There will be a holiday break from December 22 through January 3 inclusive, as well as on Monday, February 20th. Closer to the start of the run, Saturdays will potentially be 1-10 PM rehearsals (to be confirmed).

Please be prepared to discuss and note any rehearsal conflicts at your audition.

Roles Available

Name Gender Vocal Range Description
J. Pierrepont Finch M C3 to G4 Our story's protagonist. An irrepressible, clear-eyed, almost puckish hero, he is a window washer who applies for a job at the World Wide Wicket Company and attempts to climb the 'ladder of success.'

Age: 18 to 30
Gatch M A sleazy executive with a penchant for the ladies.

Age: 40 to 60
J.B. Biggley M C3 to A4 The stuffed-shirt, philandering President of World Wide Wicket. Beneath his ruthless exterior, he is a college lad at heart with a passion for knitting.

Age: 50 to 65
Rosemary F A3 to B4 A secretary at the company who is more interested in finding a man than advancing her career. She becomes Finch's love interest.

Age: 20 to 30
Smitty F A secretary with a painfully dry sense of humour. She is a cynical, working woman who is on the lookout for a man.

Age: 30 to 40
Bad Frump M C3 to F4 Biggley's nephew and scheming employee. He is an arrogant sycophant who tries to advance his career by exploiting his family connections.

Age: 18 to 21
Miss Jones F Bb3 to Gb5 J.B.'s stuffy secretary who is abrupt and tough, but soft and kind to those who are good to her.

Age: 55 to 65
Mr. Twimble M C#3 to E4 He is a fussy, old-fashion, yet loyal employee at the company. Supervisor of the mailroom, he believes his success is due to his lack of ambition and ability to remain unnoticed.

Age: 60 to 75
Wally Womper M D3 to E4 The company's Chief Executive Officer and a former window washer.

Age: 55 to 70
Hedy F C4 to Eb5 A voluptuous, sexually-charged woman adored by all of the men. She may appear dim-witted but she knows how to manipulate men to get what she wants.

Age: 25 to 35
Ensemble MF Various Scrubwomen, Executives, Secretaries, Mailroom Clerks

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Please note: If you have not booked an audition by 2 hours prior to the start of auditions on the day of your audition, please PHONE the direct office line at 587-332-0250.

For all other inquiries, please call 403-246-8505 (ext. 3 for auditions)

November 16, 2016

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November 18, 2016

7:00 PM Full
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7:48 PM Blocked
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8:20 PM [Book]
8:28 PM [Book]
8:36 PM Full
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8:52 PM Blocked
9:08 PM Full
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9:24 PM [Book]
9:32 PM [Book]
9:40 PM Full
9:48 PM Blocked

November 19, 2016

6:00 PM Full
6:08 PM Full
6:16 PM Full
6:24 PM [Book]
6:32 PM Full
6:40 PM Full
6:48 PM Blocked
7:04 PM [Book]
7:12 PM [Book]
7:20 PM Full
7:28 PM Full
7:36 PM [Book]
7:44 PM Blocked
8:00 PM Full
8:08 PM [Book]
8:16 PM Full
8:24 PM Full
8:32 PM Full
8:40 PM [Book]
8:48 PM Blocked
9:04 PM Full
9:12 PM [Book]
9:20 PM [Book]
9:28 PM Full
9:36 PM Full
9:44 PM Blocked

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