2013/14 SEASON

Young Frankenstein
(Apr. 18 - May. 3)

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
(Jun. 20 - 28)

 2014/15 SEASON

9 to 5 The Musical
(Oct. 31 - Nov. 15)

(Jan. 9 - 24)

Jesus Christ Superstar
(Mar. 27 - Apr. 11)

Anything Goes
(Jun. 12 - 27)
2014-2015 Season
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Recent News

April 10, 2014    Open Call for Designers 14/15 Season

Front Row Centre is pleased to be starting a new process for design and production team recruiting that we hope will open everyone up to new opportunities and possibilities. As of today, we have only secured Directors and Producers for the shows in our upcoming season.

  1. About FRC
  2. The roles we are seeking
  3. About the Shows
  4. How to Apply

About FRC
First off, please be aware that FRC is a volunteer based organization and we do not pay fees or honorariums for any of these positions. If you are a member of a union or other organization that puts restrictions on your ability to volunteer for us in this manner, please understand that we are not able to pay any fees stipulated by these organizations.
As a result we have a vision of each show having a supportive team with everyone being involved in as much as possible during the production period - or in other words the ideal that "we're all in this together" is what makes this a success. As such, we expect our designers to also be builders and shapers, but also that we will work as a cohesive, and - most importantly - fun team to pull the show together!
FRC recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary producing exclusively musicals in Calgary. Our rehearsals and performances are held at the Beddington Heights Community Arts Centre.

Roles we are Seeking:
  • Stage Manager
  • Musical Director
  • Choreographer
  • Costume Designer
  • Props Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Hair & Makeup Designer

We are also potentially looking for the following:
  • Assistant Directors
  • Assistant Musical Directors
  • Assistant Choreographers
  • Assistant Producers
  • Orchestra Conductor

We have descriptions for each role on our website at http://www.frontrowcentre.ca/volunteer/.

About the Shows

9 to 5 the Musical
Directed by Colleen Bishop, Produced by Janos Zeller
Run Dates Oct 31 - Nov 15
Design/Production Period starts immediately

9 to 5 is a fun pop-rock homage to the 80's and Dolly Parton. This show is high energy with a lot of moving pieces and needs a team ready to have a lot of fun.

Directed by Lindsay Kurtze, Produced by Darren Stewart
Run Dates Jan 9 - 24
Design/Production Period starts approximately July

The driving force for the artistic vision behind Urinetown are the ideals of Brecht. It, therefore will be very minimalistic (except for lighting), playing with meta-theatre and the 4th wall being down. Be prepared to break theatre convention(s).

Jesus Christ Superstar
Directed by Josef Vermeulen (AD Janos Zeller), Produced by Jenn Brown Clarke
Run Dates Mar 27 - Apr 11
Design/Production Period starts approximately September

Set during the Occupy Wall Street protest, this production of Jesus Christ Superstar will blend cirque elements with the feeling of a rock concert. We will break the fourth wall to include the audience in the action of the play and using scaffolding to suggest buildings, with lots of effects and projections.

Anything Goes
Directed by Jamie Eastgaard-Ross, Produced by Kristine Astop
Run Dates Jun 12 - 27
Design/Production Period starts approximately December

This show will draw heavily on the Art Deco influences of the thirties, featuring strong lines, bold colours, and streamlined shapes. The style of choreography, music, and performance will complement the Art Deco visuals to create an all-singing-all-dancing classic Broadway feel.

How to Apply
  1. Send an e-mail to designrecruitment@frontrowcentre.ca
  2. Indicate which positions and shows you are interested in
  3. If you are indicating a specific show or shows, please also indicate your willingness to consider the same position with the others
  4. Please include a brief summary of any relevant experience
  5. Don't forget contact information

Please send your e-mail by April 20th so that we can make decisions as soon as possible, in particular for 9 to 5.

Thank you for your interest in FRC, we are planning on having a great time producing a spectacular 2014-2015 season and hope that you can be a part!

March 20, 2014    Coming Attractions - Line up

Please welcome aboard our performers for the FRC 2014-15 Season Launch Gala: Coming Attractions

Mike Sornberger
Janos Zeller
Vicki Trask
Carleigh Cartmell
Kayla MacKenzie
Sarah Rempel
Cherie Lee
Chloe Marshall
Sherry West
Jolene Anderson
Jim Fellows
Evelyn Long
Courtney Woods
Natalie Marshall
Bryanna Cuthill
Melanie Murphy
CJ Moore
Katelyn Morishita
Aya Staley
Mollie-Risa Chapin
Lindsay Kurtze
Darren Stewart

MC - Carl Bishop
Accompanist - Don Kuchinski

March 2, 2014    Audition Notice - Season Gala - "Coming Attractions"


Coming Attractions

Front Row Centre Players announces auditions for our 2014-2015 season launch gala, "Coming Attractions"

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

February 23, 2014    The Cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

FRC is proud to present the cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee:

Rona Lisa Peretti - Colleen Bishop
Olive Ostrofsky - Allyson Foster
Douglas Panch - Scottie Grinton
Mitch Mahoney - Jason Lemmon
Logainne Schwarzandgrubenierre - Caitlyn Milot
Chip Tolentino - Andrew Stewart
Leaf Coneybear - Darren Stewart
Marcy Park - Amy Tollefson
William Barfee - Tim Vollhoffer

A huge thank you to everyone who auditioned, your time and energy is greatly appreciated and we regret that there was not a place for everyone.

February 18, 2014    Musician Auditions - Young Frankenstein


Young Frankenstein

Front Row Centre Players announces musician auditions for the third show of our 25th Anniversary Celebratory 2013/2014 season – Young Frankenstein

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

February 3, 2014    Audition Notice - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


The 25th Annual
Putnam County Spelling Bee

Front Row Centre Players announces cast auditions for the final show of our 25th Anniversary Celebratory 2013/2014 season – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

January 12, 2014    The Cast of Young Frankenstein

FRC is proud to present the cast of Young Frankenstein:

Ensemble - Mollie-Risa Chapin
Ensemble - Laura Coatsworth
Ensemble - Nina Garcia
Ensemble - Michelle Hoppe
Ensemble - Ty Kennedy
Ensemble - Liz Lipton
Ensemble - Lucas Seeger
Dance Ensemble - Mikee Ames
Dance Ensemble - Nicole Bouwman
Dance Ensemble - Kara Chapman
Dance Ensemble - Danielle Desmarais
Dance Ensemble - Lyndsey Paterson
Dance Ensemble - Kayleigh Udy
Frederick Frankenstein - Mike Sornberger
The Monster - Jamie Eastgaard-Ross
Igor - Janos Zeller
Inga - Tanis Laatsch
Elizabeth Banning - Kimberly Jette
Frau Bleucher - Donna Barnfield
Inspector Hans Kemp - Bruce Fraser
The Hermit/Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein - Fadi Saghir
Ziggy - Cody Field

A huge thank you to everyone who auditioned, your time and energy is greatly appreciated and we
regret that there was not a place for everyone.

December 14, 2013    Audition Notice - Young Frankenstein Cast


Young Frankenstein

Front Row Centre Players announces cast auditions for its third show of our 25th Anniversary Celebratory 2013/2014 season – Young Frankenstein

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

November 7, 2013    Call for Proposals, 2014-2015



Front Row Centre Players invites directors to make proposals for shows to be produced during our 2014/2015 season.

We encourage directors experienced in musical theatre to submit proposals (following the guidelines below) to Joey Sayer and Carl Bishop, Co-Artistic Directors.


FRC produces at least three musicals each year (My Fair Lady, Footloose, Young Frankenstein and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in our current season; Singin’ in the Rain, Monty Python’s Spamalot and Legally Blonde, the Musical in our previous season) and has produced musicals since 1987. A full list of shows produced by FRC can be found at our website at http://frontrowcentre.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: All shows in our 2014-2015 season will be rehearsed and mounted at the Beddington Heights Community Arts Centre.

We cannot guarantee the time of year that the shows will be produced. The shows may be produced any time between September, 2014 and June, 2015.

We are looking to produce either 3 or 4 medium-sized shows; we will not be seriously considering shows with very small or very large casts (i.e., shows with cast sizes less than 8-9 or more than 30).

For our upcoming season, we are inviting potential to propose a minimum of three possible shows for Front Row Centre to consider directing. The shows must fall into any or all of the possible categories:

• Classic shows dating back to the 1960s and earlier, which have become standards, will resonate with an older audience and will give the opportunity to introduce these works to a newer audience. Examples of classic shows include Brigadoon, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma! Mame, Damn Yankees!, The Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie, Gypsy, South Pacific, Cabaret, The Fantasticks, Anything Goes, Annie Get Your Gun and others.

• Modern shows from the late 1960s onwards, that show the evolution of the musical theatre and may feature more contemporary scores and possibly lesser-known works. Examples of modern shows include Grease, Company, Chess, Spring Awakening, Starmites!, Falsettos, Merrily We Roll Along, Next to Normal, Catch Me if You Can, Xanadu, The Addams Family – A New Musical, [title of show], Carrie the Musical, Reefer Madness and others.

• Shows with Movie/Television tie-ins which feature shows that have been (or will be) adapted into movies that resonate with today’s audience, or movies or TV shows from the last couple decades that have been adapted into musicals. Shows of this type include, Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, La Cage Aux Folles, Victor/Victoria, Into the Woods, A Chorus Line, The Full Monty, Fame, Happy Days, Les Misérables (the Complete Edition), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Nine to Five, Clue, The Who’s Tommy, Carrie, High Fidelity and others.

• Shows unproduced on the Calgary Community Theatre Stage which will feature shows that may have been seen before in Calgary on the professional or semi-professional stage but which are new to Calgary Community Theatre. Shows of this type currently include, Jekyll and Hyde, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, City of Angels, Urinetown, Steel Pier and many others that are listed in the movie/TV category, and many others.

PLEASE NOTE that shows that have been produced by FRC within the last 10 year on on the Calgary Community Theatre stage in the last 5 years will NOT be considered. Shows which do not have performance rights that can be secured by January 2014 also cannot be considered. For a list of previous shows produced by FRC, see our website at http://frontrowcentre.ca/archives/.

Feel free to use the shows mentioned in your proposal, but don’t feel required to limit yourself to just these.

• A brief history of your experience as a director;
• AT LEAST three shows from any or all of the above categories;
• Why the shows you selected resonate with you, and why you think they would be appropriate choices for FRC to produce.

PROPOSALS MUST BE EMAILED BY MIDNIGHT, DECEMBER 1, 2013 to artistic@frontrowcentre.ca. Proposals can be sent as an attachment or put into the body of the email.

THE ARTISTIC DIRECTORS will interview Directors with proposal packages that intrigue them and which may have potential for the new season. At this point we will discuss directing one of the shows proposed or possibly a show of a similar style. At this meeting, we will also discuss the opportunity to mentor potential new directors, if appropriate.

In our considerations, we will be looking to for a balance of family-friendly and “Hot!” shows, a balance of male and female directors as well as encouraging new directors who have not directed for Front Row Centre Players before.

Please note: we are looking for directors who have either previously directed for Front Row Centre Players or who have an established history of having directed musical theatre in Calgary.

If you are interested in directing for us but do not fit the above, FRC is committed to including and introducing new people into the theatre. Individuals with little or no experience in directing are encouraged to express their interest in our mentorship program wherein we will connect you with our primary director to establish an assistant director/mentorship relationship.

Any questions can also be addressed to the artistic directors at artistic@frontrowcentre.ca.
All proposals will be considered by the artistic directors, and recommendations will be put forth to the FRC Board to be made official. FRC will work to secure rights and negotiate royalties. When all rights are secured, all submitters will be contacted to inform them that a decision as to the new season has been made, and that a season announcement will be forthcoming.

Thank you for your interest in Front Row Centre Players!

Joey Sayer and Carl Bishop
Artistic Directors
Email: artistic@frontrowcentre.ca

October 30, 2013    FOOTLOOSE Cast is Complete!

Please welcome aboard the following people to the FOOTLOOSE cast!

Rusty - Mandee Bird
Garvin - Graham Phillips
Wes Warnicker - Brian Thiele
High School Chorus - Bryce Christianson
High School Chorus - Jason Bakaas
High School Chorus - Jean Macapineac
High School Chorus - Samantha Bellamy
Adult Chorus - Darren Stewart

October 26, 2013    FOOTLOOSE Cast Announcement

We'd like to announce the following cast members of Footloose, and would like to thank everyone who came out to audition.

Ren McCormack - Bryan Smith
Ethel McCormack - Chelsea Millard
Willard Hewitt - Christopher Mavin
Reverend Shaw Moore - Murray Schmidt
Vi Moore - Katelyn Morishita
Ariel Moore - Jacqueline Bourque
Urleen - Jessica Jones
Wendy Jo - Caty Davis
Chuck Cranston - David Mottle
Lyle - Paul Lokodi
Travis - Ty Kennedy
Principal Clark - Jordanna Fraser
Lulu Warnicker - Catharine Davis
Coach Roger Dunbar - Chad Leone
Elanor Dunbar - Allison Tennent
Betty Blast - Rhonda Mottle
Cowboy Bob, Jeter - Doug Keeling
Bickle - Harrison Bentley
High School Chorus - Ginette Simonot
High School Chorus - Ericka Esplin
High School Chorus - Hailey Palm
High School Chorus - Nicole Dickinson
High School Chorus - Desiree Kenny
High School Chorus - Carleigh Cartmell
Adult Chorus - Mariane Barredo
Adult Chorus - Lisa Fanning
Adult Chorus - Kat Fullerton
Adult Chorus - Bill Ouellet

Adult Chorus - Mike Pollock
Adult Chorus - Danielle Renton
Adult Chorus - Sheilah Rissling
Adult Chorus - Leanne Williams

We are still looking for:

Wes Warnicker (m) - older male
Rusty (f) - Ariel's friend
Garvin (m) - Ren's friend
High School Male Chorus

October 25, 2013    Open Call for FOOTLOOSE

Front Row Centre Players are looking for a few more actors to fill their production of Footloose, the musical.
The open call for additional auditions will be before rehearsals this Saturday (Oct 26th), Tuesday (Oct 29th) or next Saturday (Nov 2nd).

We need performers for:

Wes Warnicker (m) - older male
Rusty (f) - Ariel's friend
Garvin (m) - Ren's friend
High School Male Chorus
High School Female Chorus

The show rehearses Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons starting October 26th, though actors will not be needed all four nights a week. The show runs from January 31st to February 15th.

If you are interested or need more information please contact the producer, Carl Bishop at 403-870-6272, or email artistic-carl@frontrowcentre.ca

October 3, 2013    Auditions for FOOTLOOSE!


Front Row Centre Players announces auditions for its second show of the 25th Anniversary (2013/2014) season – Footloose.

Wednesday Oct 16th, Thursday Oct 17th, Friday Oct 18th from 7:00PM-10:00PM, as well as Saturday Oct 19th from 1:00PM to 6:00PM.

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

September 23, 2013    FRC Seeking Board Members

We are currently looking for an Events & Fundraising Director and a Volunteer Co-Director.

Please see the following two postings and respond to Janos Zeller at vicepresident@frontrowcentre.ca if you are interested.

Volunteer Co-Director

Events & Fundraising Director

Thank you.

August 29, 2013    My Fair Lady - MUSICIAN AUDITIONS

AUDITION NOTICE - Musician Auditions!
My Fair Lady

We are currently holding auditions for the following instruments:

Clarinet 1
Clarinet2/Bass Clarinet
Trumpet 1, 2
Trombone 1
Violin 1, 2, 3

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.