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 2018/19 SEASON

Monty Python's Spamalot
(Sep. 21 - Oct. 6)

(Jan. 11 - 26)

(Mar. 1 - 2)

Avenue Q
(Mar. 29 - Apr. 13)

The Wedding Singer
(Jun. 14 - 29)
Recent News

November 14, 2018    GREASE - Cast Announcement!

After much deliberation, Front Row Centre is proud to announce the cast for our production of Grease!

Cast list:
Danny - Gregory von Euw
Kenickie - Thompson Harper
Roger - Andrew Russell
Doody - TBD
Sonny - Carter Dale
Sandy - Tanis Laatsch
Rizzo - Mallorie Miller
Marty - Lyndsey Patterson
Frenchy - Hayley Thompson
Cha Cha - Ashley Soles
Jan - Ranelle Huwald
Patty Simcox - Shea Heatherington
Eugene - Jasper Ravanello
Ms Lynch - Rebecca Heidt
Johnny Casino - Ben Coburger
Vince Fontaine - TBD
Teen Angel - TBD

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned. You made our choices very difficult and we were blessed with an overabundance of talent to choose from. We hope we get to see all of you back again when we hold auditions for our upcoming productions of Avenue Q (auditions mid to late Jan 2019) and The Wedding Singer (auditions late Feb early Mar)!

If any of you (or your friends or family) are interested in helping out in other areas of this stage production or others (backstage, costume support, design team, or anything else), please do not hesitate to contact our producers Preet ([email protected]) and Janos ([email protected]) as they would be more than happy to try and find a place for you with one of our exciting teams.

Thank you once again to you all!

October 16, 2018    FRC Call For 2019-2020 Season Director Submissions

On behalf of Front Row Centre Players, Artistic Directors Jeffrey Diodati & Lindsay Kurtze invite interested Directors to submit for our 2019-2020 season.

FRC produces several musicals each year (Monty Python’s Spamalot!, Evita, Avenue Q, Grease, and The Wedding Singer in our current season) and has been producing musicals since 1987. A full list of shows produced by FRC can be found at our website at

In our considerations, we strive to look for a balance of male and female directors, as well as new directors who have not directed for Front Row Centre Players before.

Please note:
New Directors to FRC may be teamed with an experienced FRC Director to gain company specific experience.

FRC is committed to including and introducing new directors into the theatre community. While we are currently looking for Directors who have either previously directed for Front Row Centre Players or who have an established history of having directed musical theatre, if you are interested in directing for us but are limited in previous experience, we encouraged you to express your interest in our mentorship program. To introduce you to the world of directing we will connect you with a primary director and establish an assistant director/mentorship relationship.

Please Note:
A formal application process for Assistant Directing will happen after our season announcement when we are putting together the creative teams. We still encourage those interested in mentorship/assistant directing to express their interest first through this process.


As we are currently planning and assembling shows that we feel are accessible and appropriate for FRC’s 2019-2020 season, we are most interested in a submission that outlines specific qualities related to the interested Director candidates as per the guidelines below. However, we also encourage, potential Directors to submit proposals for productions they connect with and have a passion to direct for the upcoming season.


A history of your experience as a Director;

An outline of why you want to direct for FRC specifically;

A brief description of your directing philosophy and/or style;

What specific qualities/attributes do you possess that you believe are most valuable to offer FRC as a company and community as a whole. (personal, creative, technical, or otherwise)

Indicate your strengths or interests in particular genres/styles of show to direct. (Example: Strengths in large production/high choreography musicals, or keen interest in works by Rodgers & Hammerstein.) This is the section can include formal show proposals or preferred show lists to identify passion projects.

Additionally, to help us with programming and pairing directors to productions please also include:
a) Top 5 Musicals you would love to direct and
b) 5 Musicals you would never ever direct.

Please note:
A proposal with thought put into it will be more likely to make an impact than a two-sentence “I’d like to direct for FRC” statement.

If accepted, we cannot guarantee the production slot you will be assigned. The shows may be produced any time between September 2019 and June 2020. Please provide any details that may affect availability during this time in your submission.

PROPOSALS MUST BE EMAILED BY 11:59pm, Friday, NOVEMBER 2nd, 2018 to [email protected]

Proposals can be sent as an attachment or put into the body of the email.

All proposals will be considered by the Artistic Director team. The Artistic Director team will then contact Directors of interest for an interview.

After the interview process, selected directors will be contacted to confirm interest and commitment in directing for FRC’s 2019/2020 season. ALL candidates will then contacted to inform them that decisions for the new season have been made, and that a season announcement will be forthcoming. Due to internal process and securing show rights, this process may take until the end of January, so we thank you for your patience throughout this time.

Any questions can also be addressed to the Artistic Director team at [email protected]


Auditions for Spamalot Orchestra are up! Book yours now:

June 20, 2018    **Spamalot Casting Announcement**

Front Row Centre Players is proud to announce the cast for our upcoming production of Spamalot!

King Arthur - Mike Sornberger

Lady of the Lake - Sara Me

Patsy - Janos Zeller

Sir Lancelot - Patrick Lynn

Sir Robin - Kodie Rollan

Sir Galahad - Andrew Stewart

Sir Bedevere - Thompson Harper

Not Dead Fred- Darren Stewart

Mayor of Finland- Logan Hockley

Prince Herbert- Logan Teske

Laker Girl & Minstrel - Devon Bauer

Laker Girl - Meg Martin, Alyssa Niedzielski

Ensemble - Jacqueline Reid, Ellie Enderl, Jane Phillips, Gad Ittay Gijon