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 2019/20 SEASON

The Addams Family
(Sep. 20 - Oct. 5)

The Boy From Oz
(Jan. 17 - Feb. 1)

(Mar. 20 - Apr. 4)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
(Jun. 12 - 27)
Recent News

December 1, 2019    Cast Announcement: Cabaret

We are pleased to announce the cast for Front Row Centre's production of Cabaret. 

Please visit our Cast & Crew page for more details!

November 23, 2019    Boy Fro Oz - musician announcement

We are proud to announce our orchestra for The Boy From Oz! please welcome aboard:

Kim Linkert Clarinet & flute
Robert Seymour Reed 1
Tessa Baker Saxophone
Richard Fossey Trumpet 1
Trudy Fossey Trumpet 2
Susan Eubank Percussion
David Ramsey Drums
Pete Johnson Guitar
Kevin DeBacker Electric Bass
Jenn Lanciault Keyboard 1
Mike Jarzecki Keyboard 1 - Sub
Neil West Keyboard 2

October 19, 2019    Boy From Oz - Orchestra Audition Oct 20th - CANCELLED

Hello everyone,

This is to inform you that orchestra auditions/interviews for our production of The Boy From Oz have been cancelled for this evening. If you would still like to be considered to join our band, please contact our Producer, Janos Zeller, at [email protected] and he willl arrange for your interest and contact info be passed on to our Orchestra Director

Thank you so much

Janos Zeller, Facilities Director
Front Row Centre Players Society
Calgary's Premier Community Musical Theatre Company
403-246-8505 Ext. 102

October 15, 2019    Front Row Centre 2020-2021 Call for Director Submissions


Front Row Centre Players invites Directors to submit for our 2020-2021 season. FRC produces several musicals each year (Addams Family, Boy From Oz, Cabaret, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in our current season) and has been producing musicals since 1987. A full list of shows produced by FRC can be found at our website at

FRC programs 4 productions annually in each season in accordance with the company’s artistic mandate.

Submissions for Directors is the next step in programming the 2020-2021 season.

FRC is committed to including and introducing new directors into the theatre community. While we are currently looking for Directors who have either previously directed for Front Row Centre Players or who have an established history of having directed musical theatre, if you are interested in directing for us but are limited in previous experience, we encouraged you to express your interest in our mentorship program. To introduce you to the world of directing we will connect you with a primary director and establish an assistant director/mentorship relationship.

New Directors to FRC may be teamed with an experienced FRC Director to gain company specific experience.


The FRC season is programmed in accordance with the company’s season planning policy. The 2020-2021 season may be inspired by passion projects expressed and submitted by director candidates. As we are currently planning and assembling shows for FRC’s 2020-2021 season, we are interested in both director candidate show interests, as well as specific qualities related to the interested Director candidates as per the guidelines below. We also encourage Directors candidates to submit proposals for productions they connect with and have a passion to direct for the upcoming season.


A history of your experience as a Director via resume;

An outline of why you want to direct for FRC specifically;

A brief description of your directing philosophy and/or style;

What specific qualities/attributes do you possess that you believe are most valuable to offer FRC as a company and community at large. (personal, creative, technical, or otherwise)

Indicate your strengths or interests in a particular genre/style of show to direct. (Example: Strengths in large production/high choreography musicals, or keen interest in works by Rodgers & Hammerstein.) This is the section that can include formal show proposals or preferred show lists to identify passion projects. Passion project show proposal submissions are not mandatory, but please ensure at minimum to include:

a) Top 5 Musicals you would love to direct and

b) 5 Musicals you would never ever consider or be interested in.

Please note:

If accepted, we cannot guarantee the production slot you will be assigned. The shows may be produced any time between September, 2020 and June, 2021. Please provide any details that may affect availability during this time period in your submission.

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE EMAILED BY 11:59pm, Sunday, NOVEMBER 4th, 2019 to Jeffrey Diodati, Artistic Director at [email protected]

Submissions can be sent as an attachment or put into the body of the email.

All proposals will be considered by the Artistic Director. The Artistic Director may then contact Directors of interest for an interview.

There may be an invitation to discuss a submitted show proposal or shows indicated of interest to the director in advance of their interview.

After the interview process, ALL candidates will be contacted to inform them that decisions for the new season have been made, and that a season announcement will be forthcoming. Due to internal process and securing show rights, this process may take until the end of January, so we thank you for your patience throughout this time.

Any questions can also be addressed to the Artistic Director at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Front Row Centre Players!

October 9, 2019    Boy From Oz - Cast Announcement

We are pleased to finally reveal our full cast list for Front Row Centre's production of The Boy From Oz:

Chris Bell - Daniel Huegli
Dee Anthony - Laura Gillespie
Dick Woolnough - Josef Vermeulen
Ensemble - David Grof
Ensemble - Samantha Carson
Ensemble - Mary Elizabeth Chisholm
George Woolnough - Rob Skeet
Greg Connell - Harrison Bentley
Judy Garland - Danielle Renton
Liza Minnelli - Jessica Jones
Marion Woolnough - Angela Woodard
Mark Herron - Jesse Beilman
Peter Allen - Mitch Lukinuk
Trick - Andrew Russell
Trio - Ellen Sullivan
Trio - Kim Cooke
Trio - Hannah Kerbes
Young Peter - Hannah Wu

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition. You made our choices extremely difficult. We hope the rest of you that auditioned will be able to either join us in another capacity on this show, or that we will get to see your lovely faces at our next audition call

July 2, 2019    Read About the Break-in and our GoFundMe

Please click here to visit the GoFundMe Page

Early in the morning on June 23rd, 2019, the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, located in northwest Calgary, was broken into and a number of personal items and equipment belonging to the cast, crew, and orchestra of Front Row Centre’s The Wedding Singer were stolen. The cost of the items taken amounts to approximately $10,000 and are not covered through insurance. It is highly unlikely that any of the items will be recovered by the police.

As Front Row Centre is a 100% volunteer-run community theatre company, the cast, crew, and orchestra give their time, creativity, and enthusiasm to FRC’s musical theatre productions without any compensation, so this crime is particularly heartbreaking.

FRC is a non-profit organization so it is not in a position to replace all of the items (as much as we would like to). The loss of the items (including musical instruments, makeup, gaming systems, laptop computers, and more) is a very hard hit to our hardworking team.

We are asking you - our community, patrons and friends - for your help to help us give back to these passionate artists.

All funds raised will be given to the volunteers impacted by this theft in order to make them a bit more whole again.

PLEASE NOTE: As we are not raising these funds for FRC, we are unable to issue charitable receipts for this campaign.

Please click here to visit the GoFundMe Page