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 2019/20 SEASON

The Addams Family
(Sep. 20 - Oct. 5)

The Boy From Oz
(Jan. 17 - Feb. 1)

(Mar. 20 - Apr. 4)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
(Jun. 12 - 27)

August 10, 2015    Executive Committee Members Wanted for 2015-2016 Season!

The Front Row Centre Players Executive Committee is seeking passionate and committed individuals to join our team for the upcoming 2015-2016 season. We are currently looking to fill three Director positions.

We are seeking to fill:

- Fund Development Director (Job Description)

- Inventory Director (Job Description)

- Volunteer Director (Job Description)

Please be advised that there may be internal candidates under consideration for any or all of the Director positions above. The Directors will be selected prior to our AGM in September.

No resume is required, please send a letter of interest, stating why you think you are appropriate candidate for any of these Director positions via e-mail to Darren Stewart, President, at [email protected].

The deadline to apply is August 20th, 2015.

August 2, 2015    New Courses! Audition Prep - Jazz & Tap - Technical

FRC is pleased to launch our slate of courses for 2015-2016. To make registration easier, all classes are available for registration immediately!

First and most exciting is a new Audition Preparation course, which starts August 22nd and will finish in time for your audition for Tommy!
For more details, go to or click on the poster for our brochure.

July 20, 2015    The Cast of the Mystery of Edwin Drood

FRC is pleased to announce the cast of Edwin Drood!

Mr. Philip Bax
Johann Wentzel
Chairman William Cartwright
Clark Adams
Miss Janet Conover
Allie Higgins-Pompu
Mr. Nick Cricker
Janos Zeller
Master Nick Cricker Jr
Harrison Bentley
Mr. Victor Grinstead
Thompson Harper
Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe
Steven Eastgaard-Ross
Miss Alice Nutting
Chelsea Wellman
Mr. Clive Paget
Jeffrey Diodati
Miss Deirdre Peregrine
Nicole Heide
Miss Angela Prysock
Donna Barnfield
Miss Violet Balfour
Vicki Trask
Miss Christine Lyon
Tanis Laatsch
Miss Florence Gill
Christine Mooney
Mr. Montague Pruitt
Connor Goodfellow
Miss Gwendolyn Pynn
Tarryn Harris
Stage Manager J. Throttle
Jacqueline Reid
Miss Isabel Yearsley
Maddy Quinn

April 12, 2015    Audition Notice - Anything Goes Musicans


Anything Goes

Front Row Centre Players announce musician auditions for our final show of the 2014-2015 season, Anything Goes.

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

March 10, 2015    FRC Open Call for Design Teams (2015-2016 Season)

Front Row Centre is pleased to announce that submissions for production and design team members are open for our 2015-2016 season! As of today, we have only secured Directors and Producers for the shows in our upcoming season.

About FRC
First off, please be aware that FRC is a volunteer based organization and we do not pay fees or honorariums for any of these positions. If you are a member of a union or other organization that puts restrictions on your ability to volunteer for us in this manner, please understand that we are not able to pay any fees stipulated by these organizations.
As a result we have a vision of each show having a supportive team with everyone being involved in as much as possible during the production period - or in other words the ideal that "we're all in this together" is what makes this a success. As such, we expect our designers to also be builders and shapers, but also that we will work as a cohesive, and - most importantly - fun team to pull the show together!

FRC recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary producing exclusively musicals in Calgary. Our rehearsals and performances are held at the Beddington Heights Community Arts Centre.

Roles we are Seeking:
  • Stage Manager
  • Musical Director
  • Choreographer
  • Costume Designer
  • Props Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Hair & Makeup Designer

We are also potentially looking for the following:
  • Assistant Directors
  • Assistant Musical Directors
  • Assistant Choreographers
  • Assistant Producers
  • Assistant Stage Managers
  • Orchestra Conductor

We have descriptions for each role on our website at


The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Directed by Mike Sornberger (Assistant Director: Carl Bishop), Produced by Alex May & Danielle Desmarais
Run Dates: November 6th to 21st, 2015
Design/Production Period: Starts immediately

This show will be a Dickens novel that's not only burst to life - it's already ordered a round of drinks to celebrate. The Mystery of Edwin Drood will contrast crisp and proper Victorian-inspired design elements with the uninhibited, rowdy fun of the setting: an English Music Hall (prudish Victorian society meets boozy British Vaudeville). No fourth wall, lots of audience interaction, and different endings each night - this is a wonderfully unique opportunity for all involved, onstage and off.

The Who's Tommy
Directed by Janos Zeller, Produced by Darren Stewart
Run Dates: January 8th to 23rd, 2016
Design/Production Period: Starts approximately July

A deaf, dumb and blind boy's journey from pain to triumph is a sensory-defying rock and roll experience.

Based on the iconic 1969 rock concept album, The Who's Tommy is an exhilarating story of hope, healing, and the human spirit. The story of the pinball-playing, deaf, dumb, and blind boy who triumphs over his adversities has inspired, amazed, and puzzled audiences for more than 40 years..

Catch Me If You Can
Directed by Jeff Diodati (Assistant Director: Jamie Eastgaard-Ross), Produced by Kristine Astop
Run Dates: March 25th to April 9th, 2016
Design/Production Period: Starts approximately September

Set in 1960’s USA, Catch Me If You Can: The Musical is an adaptation of the Dreamworks feature film. The story is creatively told by the protagonist imagining himself starring in his own “Ed Sullivan” style TV show. The world created will fly off the page and will be full of vibrant color and reflect the iconic fashion and stylization of the 1960’s era. Given the framework of a TV-show-within-a-musical, an emphasis on heightened characterization, big-sound vocals, and great ensemble choreography will be made. This musical is jet set on being a fun, spectacular audio and visual ride, Join Me If You Can!

South Pacific
Directed by Joey Sayer, Produced by Janos Zeller
Run Dates: June 10th to June 25th
Design/Production Period: Starts approximately December

I'm looking at creating a lean, powerful show... With a reduced cast and orchestration (inspired by the recent, acclaimed Asolo Rep production), with a cast of 21 (as opposed to the usual 40+), and and orchestra of under 10 (as opposed to 30+). Great, classic group numbers to choreograph (groups of 4-8); classic Broadway standards to sing. Visually, lighting will be an exciting and essential challenge to create the stunning Pacific vistas; projections will likely be an integral part. I see the set as being fairly simple, with projections painting in backgrounds, simple set pieces moving on and off and multiple levels to distinguish scenes. Lots of WWII era costumes.

It'll be a great romp in with classic, audience-pleasing material that the cast and team will be able to explore and chew on.

How to Apply
  1. Send an e-mail to [email protected].
  2. Indicate which positions and shows you are interested in.
  3. If you are indicating a specific show or shows, please also indicate your willingness to consider the same position with the others.
  4. Please include a brief summary of any relevant experience.
  5. Don't forget contact information!

Please send your e-mail by March 29th, so that we can make decisions as soon as possible, in particular for The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Thank you for your interest in FRC, we are planning on having a great time producing a spectacular 2015-2016 season and hope that you can be a part!

February 26, 2015    Additional Auditions for Anything Goes

The Anything Goes team is still seeking to fill several key roles. We will be holding additional auditions on March 6th from 7pm until 9pm. The roles we are auditioning for are:

- Billy Crocker
- Elisha Whitney
- Ship's Captain
- John

The audition requirements are slightly different from the general audition notice. We will only require one (1) song that demonstrates characterization/acting ability and there will also be a group choreo audition.

If you are interested in auditioning, please visit the Get Involved section of the website to book your audition slot.

February 21, 2015    Cast Announcement - Anything Goes

We are very excited to announce the cast for Anything Goes!

Reno Sweeney - Tanis Laatsch
Hope Harcourt - Allie Higgins-Pompu
Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt - Judy Dunsmuir
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh - Janos Zeller
Elisha Whitney - Bob Corrigan
Billy Crocker - Darren Stewart
Moonface Martin - Bruce Fraser
Erma - Andrea O'Brien
Luke - Matthew McDonald
John - Terry Chung
Captain/Quartet: - David Young
Purser: David Mottle
Angels - Chelsea Wellman, Jessica Jones, Nicole Bouwman, Megan Thatcher
Sailors - Matthew McDonald, Thompson Harper, David Mottle, Cody Field
Quartet - Ty Kennedy, Rily Galarneau, Gareth McVicar
Ensemble - Kimberly Jette, Vicki Trask, Danielle Renton, Jenna Fraser, Larra Caldie, Mikee Ames, Evan Forbes, Daniel Ripley, Sarah Rempel

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. With the talent we saw, you made the selection process extremely difficult.

Congratulations to the cast!

February 9, 2015    Performer Announcement - Flights of Fancy


Flights of Fancy

Front Row Centre Players announce the performers list for our upcoming gala, Flights of Fancy, to be held at the Aero Space Museum of Calgary.

To see the list, please visit this page.

This is an exciting lineup that will culminate with the announcement of our 2015-2016 season.

The evening is a dinner show, with a complimentary meal and alcoholic beverages available for purchase, and an exciting and valuable raffle.
Tickets are $30, up to 2 drink tickets can be purchased with your ticket for $5 each.

Click Here to Order tickets!

February 7, 2015    Jesus Christ Superstar Seeks Lighting Designer

The Jesus Christ Superstar production team is seeking a creative, but technically minded individual to join our team as a Lighting Designer.  Our production will be a rock & roll extravaganza which will afford any potential candidate a fantastic opportunity extend themselves creatively.

Rehearsals are currently ongoing.  Tech week runs from March 22nd through March 26th with the show opening on March 27th.  

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Kristine Astop at [email protected].

February 6, 2015    Audition Notice - Anything Goes - Extra Audition Day Added!

Due to the high demand for auditions, we are opening up more slots on Wednesday, February 11th. While this new day is open to everyone, we are specifically inviting male performers to book their auditions! Thank you all for your interest and we hope to see you out!


Anything Goes

Front Row Centre Players announce auditions for the final show of our 2014-2015 season, Anything Goes.

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

February 2, 2015    Seeking Assistant Stage Manager for Jesus Christ Superstar

Our Jesus Christ Superstar production team is still seeking an enthusiastic, capable and hardworking individual to fill an Assistant Stage Manager volunteer position.

Rehearsals are currently underway and take place on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tech week is March 22nd through 26th with the show opening on March 27th and runs through April 11th.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Kristine Astop at [email protected].

January 23, 2015    Audition Notice - Anything Goes


Anything Goes

Front Row Centre Players announce auditions for the final show of our 2014-2015 season, Anything Goes.

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

January 21, 2015    Audition Notices - Jesus Christ Superstar Musicans & Annual Gala: Flights of Fancy


Jesus Christ Superstar

Front Row Centre Players announce musician auditions for our third show of the 2014-2015 season, Jesus Christ Superstar.

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.


Flights of Fancy (Gala)

Front Row Centre Players announce auditions for our gala performance, Flights of Fancy, taking place February 28th at the Aero Space Museum of Calgary.

For more information or to book an audition please visit the Get Involved section of the website.

December 20, 2014    Urgent Need of Orchestra Director for Jesus Christ Superstar!

Jesus Christ Superstar seeking Orchestra Director!

We already have a Musical Director to handle the vocals of our performers. Now we need someone who will assume the responsibility of pulling our orchestra together and rehearsing them so that they are show ready in time for our performance run - March 27th to April 11th.

The Orchestra Director will work closely with the Musical Director (Vocal) to provide a unified musical direction for the show, with final determination on disparate issues being determined by the Director.

The Orchestra Director will not have to be present for the majority of rehearsals of the cast, just a few to make sure that orchestration and vocal lines are sympatico. They will solely be responsible for the band.

We don't expect the orchestra to be in place until either January or February, but we want to secure our Orchestra Director before 2014 is out.

Front Row Centre expects the orchestra to rehearse once a week for approximately 10 weeks prior to the show opening. We're hoping that the Orchestra Director will also lead the band once the show goes into performance. We also expect the orchestra to be present during tech week, starting Tuesday, March 24th or Wednesday, March 25th. Final tech week schedule to be determined.

Front Row Centre is a 100% volunteer run organization who are devoted to putting on quality musical theatre performances. Everyone involved is there because we love theatre and the chance to share it with our family, friends and community.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Janos Zeller at [email protected] as soon as possible.

If you know someone else who might be interested, please pass this information on to them.

December 5, 2014    Male Ensemble Members Urgently Needed for Jesus Christ Superstar

Front Row Centre Players is in URGENT need of male ensemble members for our upcoming production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

We are seeking three (3) men (vocal range from Baritone to Tenor and over the age of 20) to round out our amazing cast. Due to the nature of the show, there will be a lot of stage time for the ensemble.

Rehearsals will take place from December 4th to 20th, then resume from January 3rd through March 22nd on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The show runs from March 22nd through April 11th. Those with maximum availability for those dates are preferred.

If you are interested in being part of this amazing show, please contact Jenn Brown Clarke at [email protected] or Kristine Astop at [email protected] to arrange for an audition or if you have further questions.