2015/16 SEASON

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
(Nov. 6 - 21)

The Who's Tommy
(Jan. 8 - 23)

Catch Me If You Can
(Mar. 25 - Apr. 9)

South Pacific
(Jun. 10 - 25)

Greg Spielman's Headshot
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Greg Spielman

Ginette Simonot, Berkeley Pickell, Kevin Trumble, Michael Brown, Angela Valiant, Greg Spielman, Shana Nowlin, Doug Keeling, Danielle Desmarais, Janos Zeller, Tanis Laatsch, Maria Fernandez, Charlie Deagnon, Cody Field and Matthew McDonald in Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show

Greg Spielman and Dave Gagnier in South Pacific

South Pacific

Jim Pritchard, Clyde Kelly, Darren Stewart, Emilie Johnston, Greg Spielman, David Young and Steven Johnson in Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

Greg Spielman and Doug Keeling in Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show

Greg Spielman

    Annie (March 1996)
  • Producer
  • Sound Design
  • Marketing
  • Actor (2nd Police Officer, Franklin D. Roosevelt)

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