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Creating Opportunities for Artistic Expression in Calgary for Over 30 Years

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Our Mission

Front Row Centre Players Society is a charitable, volunteer-driven arts organization that provides a supportive environment for anyone to participate in and learn all aspects of musical theatre and delivers memorable theatrical experiences.

Our Vision

A community that has opportunities to engage in diverse artistic expression.

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Our History

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Formation & Early Years (1987-1990)

Front Row Centre, Calgary's most esteemed community musical theatre company, took its first steps in the world of musical theatre in 1987. That spring, the St. Giles Presbyterian Church Choir in Calgary presented a version of Godspell. Its success inspired the performers to create a new musical theatre company, and the Front Row Centre Players Society was formed in 1988.

Expansion (1990-2000)

Throughout the '90s, FRC blossomed. It wasn't just about growing our team and audience; we also broadened our horizons in terms of the complexity and scale of our productions. Each season brought new, bigger challenges and with them, greater successes. By the end of the decade, we had firmly established our reputation as Calgary's leading community musical theatre company.

Becoming a Leading Progressive Voice in Calgary’s Theatre Community (2001-2010)

Entering the new millennium, our focus shifted slightly. We began to see community theatre as more than a form of entertainment; to us, it became a conduit for connection, learning, and personal growth. Our mission was to create an environment where everyone, from actors and singers to technicians and volunteers, could contribute towards the enrichment of our community through the art of theatre.

Legacy & Future (2011-Present)

As we stepped into the second decade of the 21st century, we found ourselves looking back at our beginnings and forward to the future. We remain deeply committed to our founding mission, and every new production reaffirms this commitment. We continue to inspire, engage, and enrich the lives of our community through musical theatre, hoping to leave a legacy of passion, talent, and connection that endures for generations to come.


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