Cast & Crew of City of Angels

Show Leaders

DirectorDarryl Lindenbach&squot;s HeadshotDarryl Lindenbach
ProducerDarren Stewart&squot;s HeadshotDarren Stewart
Stage Manager (Rehearsals)Caitlin Farley&squot;s HeadshotCaitlin Farley
Stage ManagerClaire Bolton
Stage ManagerSerena Olfert&squot;s HeadshotSerena Olfert
Stage Manager (Sub)Jessica Martin

Design Team

Musical DirectorDanielle Wahl&squot;s HeadshotDanielle Wahl
Assistant Musical Director (Vocal Coach)Lurene Bates
ChoreographerAshley Soles&squot;s HeadshotAshley Soles
Lighting DesignJosef Vermeulen&squot;s HeadshotJosef Vermeulen
Lighting Design (Assistant)Danielle Desmarais
Projection DesignCourtney Burton&squot;s HeadshotCourtney Burton
Set DesignJanos Zeller
Set Design (Construction Manager)Meg Thatcher
Set Design (Graphic Artist)Joe Grabenstetter
Costume DesignSandy Forbes&squot;s HeadshotSandy Forbes
Sound DesignRahim Manji
Sound Design (Assistant/Tech Week)Steven Eastgaard-Ross
Sound Design (Assistant/Voiceovers & Recordings)Bryan Smith&squot;s HeadshotBryan Smith
Hair & Makeup DesignShannon Beshara&squot;s HeadshotShannon Beshara

Production Team

Set ConstructionAllen Crowley
Set ConstructionBill Hornecker
Set ConstructionDavid Imiolo
Set ConstructionHarlan Sterner
Set PaintingJamie Eastgaard-Ross
Props AssistantMikee Ames
Props AssistantKristine Astop
Props AssistantAlexandra May
Props AssistantJamie Eastgaard-Ross
Props AssistantJenn Lanciault
Props AssistantAlex Lyall
Artistic Director RepresentativeJoey Sayer
Dialect Coach (Muños)Jon Martin
Additional Move-in CrewDan Derksen
Additional Move-in CrewThompson Harper
Practical ElectricsBreezy Manning

On Stage

StoneMike Sornberger&squot;s HeadshotMike Sornberger
Stine Kal Macdonald&squot;s HeadshotKal Macdonald
Buddy Fidler/ Irwin S. IrvingGary Silberg&squot;s HeadshotGary Silberg
Lt. Muños/Pancho VargasMurray Melnychuk&squot;s HeadshotMurray Melnychuk
Jimmy PowersSteven Morton&squot;s HeadshotSteven Morton
Oolie/DonnaMeg Martin&squot;s HeadshotMeg Martin
Bobbi/GabbyJenna Fraser&squot;s HeadshotJenna Fraser
Alaura Kingsley/Carla HaywoodBonni Pierce&squot;s HeadshotBonni Pierce
Mallory Kingsley/Avril RainesVictoria Clark&squot;s HeadshotVictoria Clark
Angel City FourDevon Bauer&squot;s HeadshotDevon Bauer
Angel City FourVicki Trask&squot;s HeadshotVicki Trask
Angel City FourTracy Smith
Angel City FourBruce Fraser&squot;s HeadshotBruce Fraser
EnsembleLarra Caldie&squot;s HeadshotLarra Caldie
EnsembleTerry Chung&squot;s HeadshotTerry Chung
EnsembleRyan Dickinson&squot;s HeadshotRyan Dickinson
EnsembleEvan Forbes&squot;s HeadshotEvan Forbes
EnsembleMike Jarzecki&squot;s HeadshotMike Jarzecki
EnsembleCherie Lee&squot;s HeadshotCherie Lee
EnsembleDavid Valentín Zapién Mercado&squot;s HeadshotDavid Valentín Zapién Mercado


Reed 1Jody Rach&squot;s HeadshotJody Rach
Reed 2Joanne Sampson&squot;s HeadshotJoanne Sampson
Reed 3Michelle Chisholm&squot;s HeadshotMichelle Chisholm
Reed 4Robert Seymour&squot;s HeadshotRobert Seymour
Bassoon (Trombone 2)Robyn Phillips&squot;s HeadshotRobyn Phillips
Trumpet 1Cole Chisholm&squot;s HeadshotCole Chisholm
Trumpet 3Roy Styan
Trombone 1Robert McManus
PercussionKathy Ma&squot;s HeadshotKathy Ma
Keyboard 1Tony Matthews
Keyboard 2Lynn Kolling&squot;s HeadshotLynn Kolling
String BassDeanna Manson

Backstage Crew

Assistant Stage ManagerAlex Lyall
Running CrewSandy Forbes&squot;s HeadshotSandy Forbes
Running CrewRheis Gaebel
Running CrewLiz McManus
Running CrewSydney Schmaltz
Running CrewJulie Weisbrodt
Running Crew (Deck Electrician)Thomas Trask&squot;s HeadshotThomas Trask
Lighting Board OperatorCharlene Brydges&squot;s HeadshotCharlene Brydges
Follow Spot OperatorJo Ackerman&squot;s HeadshotJo Ackerman
Follow Spot OperatorSteven Eastgaard-Ross
Sound OperatorPaul Davies
Sound OperatorMark Perrin&squot;s HeadshotMark Perrin
Sound OperatorAretha Smith


Photography (Promotional)Andre Goulet
Photography (Headshots)Samuel Unterman
VideographerStuart Bentley
Poster DesignKristine Astop
Program DesignDarren Stewart&squot;s HeadshotDarren Stewart